Easy to Follow Blender tutorial

Hello, made a blender tutorial a while back. There is no talking, only Text, so you can pause whenever, and read, without having to listen as fast as i can talk.

its making a basic sword, and teaching you the BASIC hot keys of blender ( the free modeling software) I’m considering making tutorials on getting it 100% into garrys mod, as a swep, using the hl2 crowbar as a base.

Im aware texturing is not covered in this, But i may cover it shortly, with another video!

thank you, and here it is!

Always wanted to get into modeling

Here’s one on animating.

Hey abanana, well if you choose to use blender, i can point you to several begginer/easy tutorial, that i started on my self, about 5 months ago.

Auto taco, Awesome, I will check this out, seeing as i’ve been looking to properly animate via source, thanks man!

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if anyone has any questions, that they think i can help with, feel free to add me via steam, im thegammaghost, or pm me on here, or twitch!

If you don’t talk during a video I don’t find it a good tutorial since nothing is really explained that well. No offense.