Easy use Tool to make things fly.

Hello i’d like to get a tool that makes a prop fly.
Please dont put “fin tool” coz Its hard to make all the hydraulics and stuff.
And if someone has a GOOD tutorial of the wing tool i will thank you.
OR a gyro pod link and tutorial. Please dont give a Garrysmod.org gyro pod coz i download them all and none of them work

What do you mean by fly? Float in the air? Fly upwards? In circles?

With fly i mean a tool that can be used on the wings to make a plane.

You could use the “propflight” tool, its so much fun.

I will try it and post results ;D

Its called Fin Tool

what did he say NOT to post?

Now that you mentioned this, I went to try the old wing stool again, but as you could guess, it didn’t work at all. :sigh:

I read the thing, so does that mean I can fly a statued ragdoll that has
it’s arms out like superman?

Get the superman mod if that’s what you’re after.