Easy Vanilla Balancing

I get it, it’s in alpha - but hey we all know thats been a long time now…

I love the game and heres my easy suggestions to make for much better gameplay for the community servers.

  1. x2 resources values on all things
  2. Half crafting times on all things

That’s it, I think this will assist people who do not have 12 hours (or more…) every day to play the game, as it should be played.

Sounds like you really just want to play a 2x gather, 1/2 craft modded server.

just play on a modded server man, tons of them out there. they offer exactly what you want. i for one prefer that things take time makes it more fun when i raid or kill other players with valueables

Truth be told progression is too fast. Gather rates should be cut in half.

When so many players are unwilling to play on vanilla servers, and pick servers with better gather rates, it is a sign something is wrong with the base game.

I agree they should increase gather rates. 2x sounds about right - not too much.

Rustopia has 250+ players every Thursday night with at least that many through the weekend.

It is a matter of taste, not a matter of something being ‘wrong’ with the base game.

If there were no modded servers allowing for faster gathering, would all those people stop playing?

Progression is not too fast I understand that’s an opinion but vanilla rates should stay the same. You can always play a modded server for faster progression. If they increase the vanilla rates it will basically ruin it for players that like longer progression. I wouldn’t mind it being slowed down even more and no I do not play 12 hours a day. I just prefer it taking some time before hitting endgame. Right now it’s basically a few hours before aks are everywhere.

Progression and AKs being everywhere has absolutely nothing to do with gather rates and craft times, it has to do with research mechanics and drop rates. Don’t mix issues here. I agree with the OP that gather rates right now are a grind and that crafting times bring no fun to the game and are hardly a balance factor. That said, having non-modded servers that have different gather/craft rates would be confusing.

Err they are directly related in fact and you’re stupid enough not to see that I’m not gonna explain it for you. It’s really not a grind either but that’s personal taste, within 1 day I can have everything I need, a decent secure base and guns/armor.

And you guys can always play on faster servers if you can’t handle vanilla rates, why ruin vanilla for everyone that enjoys a longer progression curve.

Curbing gather rates is the worst means of controlling progression, it adds tedium.

Tech trees, research times/mini-games, small rng elements, calamity events, and the necessity of collaboration will take progression further without having to wack a tree for 2.5 years to make a house.

Fortunately Garry and Facepunch disagree with you, and they just implemented the OPs suggestion to reduce crafting time.

They reduced crafting time on some things, and did not double gathering, as you suggested, which was what I replied to. Nice try, though.