Easy way to create shaped brushes?

What would the best way to do this be:

I’m re-creating Worms: Armageddon as a gamemode on gmod.
I want the map I’m creating to be a bunch of func_breakable patches put together so that when they get destroyed it looks quite dynamic.
Any way of doing this without turning 70 on the way there?



Each func_breakable brush has to be a “puzzle peace” fitting perfectly in each other.

clipping and vertex manipulation I suppose

Be warned: There is a maximum of 1024 func_breakables. This is hardcoded into the compile tools. I do not know if you could use a point_spawner to add more than that in-game.

Luckily I was thinking something along the lines of 200 peaces.


Wait… you’re recommending the clipping tool?

Also, yes, that would be good, but making each object fit perfectly… it would take decades.
Y’Know what would be nice with Hammer? A simple pen tool. Make your selection, cut, ta-daa. New objects.

Clipping not carving

I would make model for each piece if I would be you.

I would use propper to make the brushes into models but then again, I’m a huge faggot

That’s a lot of work.
Then again there isn’t always an easy way out, is there?


Since I’m überlazy I’m going to type this:
If for some reason you feel compelled to help a Norwegian düche just out of pure will or kindness , could you PM me?

The best maps have a lot of hard work put into them. Keep it up. It’s a good idea.

Bad Idea - Easy job
Good Idea - Hardcore job
Medium Idea - Quite some work to be done