Easy way to prevent your server from being crashed by stacker?

I’ve attempted to use stacker v2 aswell as Enforcer, however, there’s always a way around it to once again crash a Gmod server (I know the loopholes myself), i’ve come across very few darkRP servers, such as desolution RP that had stacker enabled, and just seemed like prop collision did not interfere with the server in any way (the rest simply disabled the tool). How can this be accomplished? I’d like my players to enjoy the benefits of the stacker, while not having to worry about my server crashing.

Id also like to note that on some servers, people simply go in a small room and fill it up with props, then the collision causes a crash, however, as I said, some servers seem to just not be affected by prop friction.

What I’ve done for my server is made a rank that players automatically get after 1 hour to where they can use the stacker, and for the players that join and immediately try to build a base they will usually ask why it’s blocked and then either we’ll give that player the rank to use the tool or the players will tell them to wait an hour. Most trolls see it’s blocked and think nothing of it and continue on other methods of trolling.

Even if you get the stacker under control, there are MANY ways players can grief/crash your server and the only way to stop all of them would be to pretty much block everything.

Aka, lazy way out buddy.

Isn’t that the lazy way out? Making a ulx rank that has access to the tool then giving it to players after and hour of playtime?

that IS the lazy way out. Editing your tool is the non-easy way out

If the problem is the props colliding then why not make the props that are spawned automatically no-collided and frozen. I’m pretty sure stacker has an option for it, so you could always just force it enabled.

Then what would you do? I don’t have the proper coding knowledge to go off and figure out how to code a fix into the tool itself. It’s not me being lazy, it’s me doing the only thing I can to prevent abuse from the tool. By all means, if you want to suggest another way to do this please do.

EDIT: After posting this I read the second part of your post. But as stated above, I can’t code enough to fix this.

Because then you could just walk through someone’s base walls. And sure they could recollide them but so could a troll rendering it useless.

No-collide the props with each other not the players.