Easy Weapon Start Tool?

Could someone make a lua so you only start with a select few weapons. Another nice feature would be to change that in the settings tab. Because Ive been using a lua (http://www.fpsbanana.com/threads/134561) that takes all weapons away then i have a different mod that give you hl2 weapons. Mabey a mod is already out but i haven’t found it.

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[lua]local weapons = {

for _,v in ipairs(weapons) do ply:Give(v) end
return true

Put this in your /lua/autorun/server directory. Right now, this gives all players only a physgun/gravgun/camera/tool.
Just replace or add strings in the “weapons” table that are the classname of the weapons you want to give to a player.

ok ill try it out thanks, o and do i remove the give camera line to get rid of camera?

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