Easy Weld named "weld_ez" and broken.

In my tools section under “New Category” is a tool called weld_ez. I click on it and it seems like a normal Easy Weld constraint. But, i cant click on anything and it just doesnt work in general. Ive googled the ever loving piss out of it, and found nothing at all. And everyone elses “weld_ez” is under construction toold labeled “Easy Weld”. Please help me, i know its a longshot but worth a try.

Has it properly worked before? Wondering as a GMod update may have broke it some time ago. I had this issue with some tools after a GMod update but that was back in 2010, so yeah. Did you install the tools correctly? As in going into the .zip folder, then taking out the regular folder inside and put it into the addons folder.

Well it hasnt worked since i downloaded it from steam. And so you mean going into the gmod folder and removing it from where it is originally and putting it in addons instead?

Wait, did you not do what I said above with putting it into the the addons folder?

No, not yet. Should I?

Yeah. Get rid of all the traces you have on the addon. Stuff goes wrong when you install it like that mainly so you should just use the nice and easy method which is taking the folder inside the .zip folder that you download and place it in your addons folder. Can’t really give you the location for it atm as I’m on my iPad but try and look it up if you don’t know.

Okay, ive been looking in the gmod folder. Ive seen and been in the folder with the tools before. Sou just take the easy weld tool and place it in addons when i find it?

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I cant seem to find the folder/:

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I found out some tools are in the lua folder, but all i have in my lua folder is /includes/modules/

No, wrong location. Let me see if I can remember it off my head but you may need to do a bit of scouting to get on the right way.
>C: > program files (x86) > Steam > YOUR ACCOUNT NAME > garrysmod > garrysmod > addons. Put the tool into there, just the folder inside the .zip you downloaded. And why did you do such a big hassle to install the tool by manually installing each file? Stuff like that rarely works, putting the folder into addons works for pretty much every addon if it doesn’t tell you otherwise.

You own gmod right? You must know of the tool “Easy Weld” Underneath constraints. Its a tool that comes WITH the game. Thats my problem, a tool that comes default with the game, isn’t working. And i thought you mean to find where the tool is, and remove it from there and put it in addons instead. My problem (if you read my original post) is that instead of underneath constraints, its underneath “new category”. And has the improper name “weld_ez”. And when i select the tool, everything comes up, but i cant click on anything, and it acts as if its frozen. Doesnt make any noise, just absolutely doesnt work.

oh god, I just realized that too. I was thinking of all those tools like Smart Weld and Easy weld SMART. Damn, I should start reading up better.
I’ve got no apparent idea, really. Have you tried verifying the games files? I believe you can do it by:
go out to your regular Steam page > Right click on the GMod name on your games list > hit “Properties” > Then a box should pop up with advanced start up and all. Then I believe it’s the last one of the menus on the top of the window that allows you to “Verify game cache” or something similar to that. Still on my iPad though so I’m not able to check the actual location, doing all this off by momery.

oh my god, oh my god it worked!!! :smiley: i love you! thank you so much! You dont know how much this means to me! :smiley: