Easy Workshop - Simple tool for lazy people

The idea of making tools for uploading addons to workshop was refurbished like 1000 times - but that didn’t really stop me.

What is Easy Workshop
EW is a simplistic tool that’ll make your workshop uploads easier - it’s designed to make uploading to workshop less mundane.

Key features:

  • Uploading to workshop (duh)
  • It still uses gmad.exe and gmpublish.exe for core functionality, but they are ran in background and whole output is forwarded to one console.
  • Quick compiling of .gma files
  • Quick generation of json files
  • Icon generator (for people who are too lazy to open specific software to make black background and white comic sans text over it
  • Planned: Decompiling of .gma files, quick-editting of already uploaded files, upload progress bar, merge of console and main window


Here’s download page:
https://github.com/Netheous/EasyWorkshop - source provided aswell.

Let me know if you have any ideas that’ll make it even easier to use.

Loving the UI👌

I’m thinking on what to add in the next update, besides ability to update already updated addons.

Brilliant work, makes life 10 times easier for noobs and even the people who know what they are doing!