EasyAntiCheat cannot run under Windows Test Signing Mode

I’ve already read the sticky and searched for other topics relating to this, and they offered no solution other than to turn test signing mode off. The thing is, though, that I *need *test signing mode to be able to use my audio and sshfs drivers. Is there anything I could do to make EasyAntiCheat work with test signing mode? This alienates a large majority of users who need test signing mode and literally can’t use their computer without it.

I’ve also read up on various Steam threads, and dual-booting a version of windows that has test signing mode disabled is not an option. My main hard drive that houses my OS is filled to the brim and my gaming hard drive is also filled to the brim and is dying. This kinda seems like laziness on the EAC developer’s part imho, considering that even punkbuster allows you to use test signing mode while playing games.

Yeah, same problem here. I need Test Signing Mode for my unlocked RealTek drivers for 5.1 DDL so I can get proper sound. I really hope Rust will move to another anti cheat program in the future, because EAC doesn’t seem to be willing to change this.

I’m currently installing a virtual machine, but that is of course not at all a satisfiable solution.

Thanks for Googling what test mode is for us, also Steam linkfilter lol. The point is that certain drivers are “badly” made (as far as the Windows driver security model is concerned) and need to run in test signing mode, and these are important drivers for fairly critical system components, like sound. Playing Rust without sound’s not going to work well.

And EAC doesn’t like Windows running in test signing mode because it introduces holes that nasty things can sneak through.

I really feel this needs to be addressed. I have no way to play rust because I’m a power user instead of an average Joe computer user. Can’t I at least get a response?

+1. I use an old Linksys network adapter that I’ve had since the Windows XP days and Linksys does not provide any signed drivers for Windows 7. In order to comply with EACs new policy I would have to disconnect from the Internet…

So is this being ignored or has any of the EAC devs even read this? I know one of their devs posts here, but still no explanation for this.

Just to shed some light on the situation I am also having this problem but the problem isn’t that the drivers are worse than any other, just that they didn’t pay thousands of dollars out the ass to get the driver officially signed by Microsoft.(They claim it’s for security but the whole process is automated, you could get a rootkit signed if you really wanted to.)

Switch to a different OS. Don’t cry about EAC doing things they have to do to stop cheaters.

This is like police blocking a whole city off because 1 person wants to commit suicide.
They are scared of drivers so they block access to all unsigned drivers? Nice move but that’s pretty douchy if you ask me. How would you like your game to only be allowed to run in 800x600 because if everyone got to run at their own set resolution they might gain an advantage? It’s a lazy fix to a something they should be fixing themselves. If you can’t detect a cheat then obviously your anticheat is inferior. Anticheats aren’t meant to detect private cheats and the hardly ever will or do. So please tell me how good rust is running on linux? Last I heard there were so many graphical glitches it wasn’t even worth trying to run. Blocking a windows driver for people who don’t even cheat? That’s fucking stupid.

But I already run Gentoo GNU/Linux. As kila58 said, the graphical glitches make the game unplayable on GNU/Linux. Stopping people from playing the game just because they use unsigned drivers is fucking stupid and a cheap tactic that gives the impression of developer laziness. Like I’ve said before, not even punkbuster stops the use of unsigned drivers. That has to tell you something about the quality of Easy Anti Cheat.

Knowing that I blew 20 bucks on a game that I can’t even play just saddens me because Rust is a very good game. Even though I’m waaaaaaay past the point of a refund, the fact that the EAC devs basically give a giant middle finger to power users really makes me wish I didn’t buy Rust.

Garry, if you ever read this, please get rid of EasyAntiCheat forever. It’s a terrible anticheat program that utilizes cheap tactics to get rid of “hackers”. I really hope you make a transition to VAC, Punkbuster, or any other anticheat program because EAC is a prime example of bad programming.

Until this issue is fixed or at least acknowledged, I will no longer recommend Rust to anyone I meet and actively tell them not to buy it. This issue is serious and the fact that I’m being ignored only makes me want to denounce Rust even more.

FurrehFaux, you of all people should know that VAC is still engaged on Rust AS WELL AS EAC.

Players demanded more security and they got it, and now players want holes poked in it. Pick one.

PB has issued false positive bans after it detected ITSELF.

Vac doesn’t do anything but initiate bans caught by cheatpunch (And cheatpunch isn’t on EXP that I know of + it has no self-checks or heartbeats to make sure it connected). It’s extremely easy to cheat on exp right now if you happen to have a private mono assembly loader. I think the only cheats vac has detected are the vtable hooked directx ones. What has EAC even done? There isn’t even any public exp cheats right now, go ahead and look. Only a few paid UNDETECTED cheats(Meaning EAC really isn’t doing there job since they have had an undetected streak basically since exp came out).

lol, that is not how VAC works and you should know that.

As for what EAC has done, I don’t know, I’m not aware that any numbers or info drops have been published. However, in the last devblog, garry said another EAC ban wave went down, so according to him it’s working.

garry or EAC guys, can you tell us what the symptoms of an EAC ban are? I’m not asking for “a friend of mine” who suddenly can’t play Rust, but I genuinely don’t know what an EAC ban response looks like. For all I know, some of the people with EAC problem threads could be EAC-banned and I’ve been trying to help cheaters with a problem that is unfixable (until they get a new copy of Rust on a new Steam account) like an idiot.

And, no shit anticheat isn’t going to be 100% effective. garry never promised, expected, or planned for that. If people have figured out obscure exploits and they keep them quiet enough (or DRMed up to fuck with memory-streaming tricks and all that), the code exploit itself basically has to be fixed in order to stop them unless their hack is sloppy about keeping itself hidden.

The game’s in alpha, what do you expect? Shit’s broken all over. Fuck, in the webplayer version, you could speedhack and fly with Cheat Engine. From what I’ve seen from idiots making threads, you still can in legacy, you’ll just get detected and VAC banned.

I know exactly how vac works, if you have open handles to the game (extenral cheats) or are vmt hooking/jmp hooking(internal cheats) you are going to get detected IF they have a signature on your cheat or send it in for further evaluation(Very rare, haven’t even heard any confirmed report of this happening to private cheats). Now cheatpunch was supposed to protect rust from it’s users loading an external mono assembly but turns out you can block all communication between Facepunch and cheatpunch via your hosts file. So yea this has been a huge failure and I think they should contract an external company to create an anticheat just for rust since EAC and Facepunch have both failed at trying to produce an effective yet silent/discreet anticheat because this is honestly sad at how easy it is to cheat in rust compared to how many legit users they are blocking from playing the game. The Risk/Reward is not balanced here.

Come on, we deserve an explanation.

So much misinformation here.

I can’t see this being changed as this is how cheats get around anti cheat.

Use proper drivers or get better hardware.

It’s not really possible to do that when the hardware manufacturer refuses to sign the driver and you don’t have hundreds of dollars to blow on new hardware.

EAC is an external company, and EAC is not cheatpunch. Get your facts straight.

EAC has done an effective job considering the only cheats that exist are now either private or for pay only. Eliminating public free hacks is a huge step. EAC’s ban waves will probably be retroactive when they discover a signature belongs to a cheat.

Check the EAC FAQ maybe?


EAC intentionally blocks Windows Test Signing Mode because it can be exploited.

Please, don’t switch to an AC that allows you to play with unsigned drivers.