EasyAntiCheat Loaded Then Game Crashes!! Plz Help

The game starts up nicely but once it hits loading items it will then say EasyAntiCheat Loaded the the game crashes!!


Nvidia GTX 970
Windows 10 Pro 64bit
8Gb Ram
Everything is up to date!!!

Try a reboot

Restarted Steam, My PC, Reinstalled the game and reinstalled anticheat.

shiet idk sorryy

is there a warning msg on crash?

u have to delete a file look thru the forums about the same problem and you will find the answer its there. i just dont remmeber how to do it

I’ve looked through the forums and some of the answers to the problem were just trolls. Deleting the anticheat folder which is what i saw in other threads just causes the game to crash before it even opens

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Nope just closes…

delete the config cfg file in: rust>cfg>config.cfg CONFIRMED WORKING

…Took me like 2 minutes hahahah but there is the answer this is what worked for me

I deleted the file, then tryed to launch to game but crashes in the same spot again D:

idk what to do man there is still no fix

I have the same problem, rust crashes at EasyAntiCheat loaded

If you’re using a headset can you try unplugging and then launching Rust.

It did not work for me