EasyMenu, Bookmark your Tools!

I’ve created an addon that allows you to bookmark tools and entities.

It gives you a screen of tools/entities with checkboxes, you select which ones you want, you save your settings and it displays those selected tools/entities.
I created it because I became sick of switching between the tool/wire tab and searching through all the tools I never use.

To open it, type “bind KEY +easymenu” into your console (without the ‘’)

To use:
Press the key you binded, go to the options tabs (for either entities or tools) and select the tools/ents you would like on it. Press Save Settings.

Press the key you binded again and click the icon/button for the tool/ent to select/spawn it.

Without further ado,

GreetZ ThaPear

PS: How do I add the “Plus you get a cool download thing like this!” icon Garry hadin the sticky? (maybe i’m blind)
PPS: Is it possible to resize images (on this forum)? They strike me as a bit large.

PPPS: Images!





Is this very practical? Would you even use it? I suppose if you were extremely into building you might find this useful.


Not saying your work is bad; just that I wouldn’t have much use for it.

I will use it for sure. I’m tired of switching between tools and wire and then having to scroll all the way up and all the way down. Good Job.

It’s weird I select the tools I want and it’s not appear in my tools selected.

This is very nice!
I’m certainly gonna use this!
Good work Pear

@lotus006: You need to press Save before seeing them in the tools list.

Be sure to press save settings.

I’ve been using it for a year before deciding to release it. I rarely ever use the q menu anymore. Only for props, which i might add to it.
Once I got used to it, which took a few days, I don’t think I can do without anymore.

GreetZ ThaPear

This is very nice, definitely downloading. What key do you usually use for this?

Love it!
Exactly what i need with all that tools in contraction!

I use the G key, p, t, k and most F# commands other then F1-F5.

I binded it to Alt, as i never use walk and it’s close to my left hand’s thumb, making it easily pressible
Good to see you like it. :smile:

GreetZ ThaPear

Try resizing the image before upload.
PS: Good job whit this addon!

Looks pretty cool. Haven’t gotten the chance to try it, but I will.

To answer your questions:

  1. Resize before upload/in the upload you use.
  2. Copy this: [noparse]http://www.garrysmod.org/img/?t=dll&id=90883[/noparse]
    You can find that code at hte bottom of the garrysmod.org page, “Link to this file.”

Looks incredibly useful, I thought about making something like this.
Then I remembered that I can’t do shit with Lua.