Easyred's model pack

hello guys.

few days ago, i’ve decided to create my first own pack.
i’ve maked three different models with an personal purpose, then i’ve decided to add more contents and share all these on a pack called “easyred’s contents”.

for the moment, this pack is tiny but it will be updated in the future. i have some projects for it.

the main theme of this pack is the army. all of these props are created in the purpose to allow you to do all military contraptions you want.

be sure, it’s not my last opinion. i could add more props or anything based on other themes :slight_smile:


you can download this addon at Garrysmod.org (out of date… an update will be released when i’ll add more stuff…):


or by SVN :
***SVN version

(New Adress !)



[li]some models of different types[/li][li]military and other materials[/li][li]map coming soon…[/li][li]some props coming soon…[/li][/ul]

changelog :
[li]release 3 -tiger camo has been added-[/li][li]release 2 -desert camo has been added-[/li][/ul]

if you have requests or opinions you can tell me what you think…

Looks pretty good, actually.

These are useful.

Update released!

i’ve added a desert camouflage material.
for the moment, i can’t make any model because i’m not in my principal home where my good internet connection is… so, i can’t download the source SDK with a poor internet connection.

could you give me some ideas of materials you want ?

(sorry for the undescriptive title. i’ve not understood this in the rules…)

SVN version and more informations on first post

Nice models.

***Update released!***

I’ve added a new material called “tiger” and to introduce it on this thread, i’ve made a tank to show you the render.
a model of tank gun is coming very soon :smile:
let us give the place to the images !

http://www.tooPix.eu/userfiles/mini/cd5ef9336ed9d3452f7c681de30cc5e4.png http://www.tooPix.eu/userfiles/mini/ffad3d6b481697b6cb503cf5c37a8f77.jpg http://www.tooPix.eu/userfiles/mini/355d2a97b9f786392fb89f42924ef246.jpg http://www.tooPix.eu/userfiles/mini/52efbf5070fb4854f7aa385fe90c3557.jpg http://www.tooPix.eu/userfiles/mini/2c6ef02cecb89a8fa9c661f6ec817056.jpg http://www.tooPix.eu/userfiles/mini/c65416c9ac527c82e803655b9ab0c431.jpg

thanks a lot for your encouraging replies :smile:

i’ll work on a map too… so if you have some ideas of areas or anything to include on it, you just have to say me what you want on it. :smile:.

SVN version and more informations on first post

Tank gun is out!

but no release because i’m working on a surprise for you :smile:… i’ll release it as soon as possible.

for it, i have inspired myself of this image :

and i’ve made that :
[release]http://www.tooPix.eu/userfiles/mini/e60833d35990a59846ed7f8b298334a4.jpg http://www.tooPix.eu/userfiles/mini/334b0ac90e7c1ea0c84f626decbb1675.jpg
(i prefer my tiger camo)[/release]
indeed, for the moment, i don’t make a great textures for my props… but i’ll be better…

SVN version and more informations on first post

edit : oh sorry ! i’ve not seen my double post… sorry…

Like I said before, these are useful, I’ll have to try them out when I get my new computer.

thank you very much.

I don’t like the render. i’ll remake the tank gun more properly, and i’ll show you the result.
i’ll work harder on the texture.
for modeling, i’ve not any problem… i’m working with Blender, and before modeling for Source Engine, i’ve made some artistic projects like that : http://www.toopix.eu/galerie/3/Rendus-Blender.html

New model of the tank gun!


release is out!

SVN version and more informations on first post

OMG this will be wery usefull download :smiley:

Looks good, but you should add some dust and scratches to the camo.

make a tank make a tank make a tank make a tank make a tank

Make your own goddamn tank.

i meant some tank parts!! >:-(]

are these for gmod 10. they look good

does this pack come with the small missile bombs in the picture?

Sorry for the long inactivity, but i’m come back, and you should see more models soon :slight_smile: (not necessarely on the war theme :))

and i confirm that yes, all models, materials and other things presented here are livered with the SVN version of the mod at this adress : https://ezredcontents.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/ezredcontents.

ps : how can i remove the URL tags from my SVN adress ?

Make your own god damn tank parts!

The purpose of this addon isn’t to make more easy the construction of a tank but it’s to have some useful props where nothing in Garry’s Mod can replace it. By the way, it’s also to make some models which are prettier. I can’t say that i find prettier the fact to align 3 barrels in the purpose make a tank gun…