" Eat my Bazooka you Nazi bastard!"

this is chilean wolfs screenshot i just edited it C&C p!0x


Pretty nice, not too keen on the noise though. Have an artistic.

A little too dark for my liking, fire looks good, smoke looks 2D and a bit too opaque near the bottom middle and bottom right of the picture.

too much color balance – you added too much in terms of blue shadows hence why the image is so dark. could have been avoided if you put the opacity to about 50%. the smoke also has no depth

otherwise it’s not too bad

yea the smoke was a difficult color to work with so i couldent do anything about that

You added way too much grain as well. It’s particularly obvious on the fire and smoke.

He wouldn’t technically eat the bazooka itself, now would he?

Decent picture, you went over the top with the color correction and grain.

sorry about that yea i think back on redoing the grain and just leaving it out

It’s either my color-blindness or that smoke is green.

No you’re just color blind.

caboose you need to get your eyes checked

Knowing Facepunch I actually expected to see a American soldiers choking a Nazi to death with his bazooka.

Reminds me of the Call of Pripyat intro movie due to the colors.