"Eat my elbow." - Soap is beating russian soldier.


eat it!

Looks like hes gently shoving the Russian away.

Nice work, very slight clipping on Soap’s hand with his gun. (trigger finger)

Now why instead of getting rid if this scumbag by shooting him point black in the head, just scare the shit out of him and them cut his throat ?

Everything looks quite blocky.

More like-
** “Soap elbows B.J. Novak.” **

Soap is expression less D:

yo is this much to ask see that soap and price model would you please send me the link to get them because i have been searching day after day and i cannot find them i would love it if you give me the link to stop me getting pissed off everyday (or anyone else can give me it ) lol

I have not release those models.
you can get russian models.

I’ll release them sooner or later.

I’d rather have a wing or a rib, an elbow seems too cannibalistic…

eww i hate elbows
posing is nice as usual but sucks the models dont have faceposing

every model has fingerposing

i said faceposing

Let me suppose what comes next:

“Take it, rat!” - Jock fucks russian soldier.
“Eat the bullet!” Youse shoots at the mouth of russian man

(60 threads later)

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Really, man, you seems like trolling. Or you’re nazi.

alright are you going to put them on garrysmod.org?


I love elbows.