Eater ""They Hunger Source""

Not sure if is the right place to promote volunteer stuff but anyways, Hi facepunch forum peoples name’s rayan (dabu) I’m a disabled and pursuing a gamedev career in the future while having a game essay school arc which really help me a lot :slight_smile: huge fan of the valve and half life series. I’m working on a promising project that some peoples knows on twitter it is called ‘‘Eater’’ it’s in currently in pre-production its a dream project I’ve always wanted make it because I saw that they hunger lost souls got cancel and TH hasn’t got a source remake treatment like OBM, BM and GD so I’m going to explain you what is actually eater…
Eater it is a source project that aims to recreate the iconic HL1’s They Hunger bringing back in the powered award Half-Life 2’s Source Engine with intense physic gameplay, Eater aims to revive it’s episodes, deathmatch mode, cooperation, escape mode and all the thing that has have been featured in the original They Hunger we feel that it is necessary to coming back They Hunger into a fresh game engine like Source with Source we could make it into a spooky next level and beautiful graphical effects (example: Black Mesa, L4D2 and No More Room In Hell are our inspiration). We feel that they hunger should come back and get the ‘‘Source remake’’ treatment with a well made world polished, realistic, cartoony, survival horror experience and way spooky like in the original They Hunger we also attempt to make the AI better, cool, fresh and combative we also aims ‘‘accurately’’ to remake it to do our best.
The thing is that bothering me with They Hunger is that there some hl1 assets like the bullsquid but we’re going to replace it like what did they did with the Sven coop the bullsquid will be a zombie gator :slight_smile:

So far we have 2 peoples in this project and it is in pre-production my dream is to make it come true and please the they hunger fans and revive the nostalgia experience with it the job is volunteer based but feel free to send me any questions or concerns on my dm or at Yes I’m a mapper but working this alone would’ve been difficult for me since it would be useful to make it real

We are especially looking for:

Level Designer:
must be skilled in level design
show one of your portfolio and previous work is a huge +
you will be credited in the project
must be friendly, enthusiastic and suitable for the project (takes your times all thought…)
optimizing and doing time-lapse for the maps
extending the details with the remake
remaking some maps for They Hunger
have a knowledge with source/goldsrc stuff is a + :slight_smile:

2D Artist:
must be skilled in texturing artist
previous experience with hl2/source-based project is a +
remaking textures from the og they hunger they need to be nice and detailed
doing skybox stuff
working with the 3d artists gang
must be friendly, enthusiastic and suitable for the project takes your time all thought.
Texturing the characters/weapons and models

3D Artist:
be skilled in modeling
show one of your previous/portfolio stuff
Remaking the ‘‘they hunger’’ characters/playermodels/hand and NPCs
Remaking the they hunger props
Remaking the weapons

Sound Design/Animator/Musician/Graphic Designer/Video Editor:
as a sound designer you will be ables to make some sick sound effects for the project, you must be suitable for the project but all thoughts take your times. Animator you will working with the 3d modeler doing some weapon animations, character movements and such. For musicians I’ll like the ‘‘they hunger source’’ osts would sound like HL2, Portal, Resident-Evil and Doom for graphic designers making promotional images/making the they hunger source logo/achievements and moddb articles posts for the video editors you will able to make some sick reel showcase/teasers/trailers and stuff
working on a bloody HUD, improving the ai, new source engine effects, making a bloody chapter/main menu game and such etc must be suitable for the project but takes your times all thought!

I would like to hear your thoughts everyone, it’s a exciting project I wanna make it for the source engine as someone who’s a disabled and very passionate about game development and the valve contents :slight_smile:
Feel free to send any questions or dm here, or sends one of your previous works and tell us about yourself at volunteer-based project.
any comments or thoughts/questions will be super useful
We’ll talk about the projects in private, we’ll invite you in our moddb group and sometime we mainly communicate in Discord but I’m busy with my project and irls so I’ll try my best to do it well…

Have a good day facepunch,
Rayan ‘‘Dabu’’…

we currently use HL2 and CSS textures as a placeholder at the moment the branch it is SDK 2013 SP and in the future we’ll might migrate in SDK 2013 MP so custom textures and stuff are a +

and concept artists is also need too but takes ya time :slight_smile:

Do you have a twitter for the project?

Not yet but considering maybe