Eating swep?

I had yet another stupid idea. An eating swep. When you equip it, it plays the animation that plays when you get your HEV suit. When you left click, you’re hand goes out, and places his hand flat on the object (so all pickups look fake, instead of some, so people done wine about cheesy eating effects), the he pulls that object to his face, and plays either the “nom nom nom” noise, or a munching sound or something. The object is deleted. It doesn’t need a world model, or any animations for a 3rd person (so other players just see you walk up to a prop, hear the noise, and watch it disappear ) It would be cool if you could eat players, the just died, and their bodies just disappears. then they respawn. same thing for NPC’s

I’m sorry for this, but it sounds ok, so i’ll post it.

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I gave you a gaybow

I gave you a gay heart to match the gaybow

that would be awesome