"Eating time" Hunter wielding 2 Katanas walking onto some Survivors

Generic Shit I know but atleast its a Hunter thats wielding 2 Katanas.


Cool. This is very slightly more interesting that your usual stuff. Thumb posing looks a little bit off.

Hows the lighting?
Also thanks and yeah I just realized that the thumbs are a bit weird.

Cool, i love katanas!

Question: The infecteds can grab things?

The can grab people to beat them up before eating them so I think it’s a yes.

Looking nice, the lighting is cool, better than your 2 other recent screenshots.


Now this is the lighting I want to see from you.

Glad that you all like it :buddy:

Thanks Buddy! :buddy:

Shit, if Hunters started to use katana’s, it would be game over man.
Nice work on the lighting, Combine.

Heh thanks

Hands should be closer to the tsubas. Other then that it’s good.

Nice editing, but under his left arm the lighting is messed up.

It would be cool if you added a few loose strings on the torn part of the hoodie

Awesome lighting/shadows.

Thanks for all your comments!