Ebon hawk (With an inside

Hello. i looked on garrysmod and i found the ebon hawk. im a fan of Kotor and i was lookign for some models. The model was ok but it had no inside to it and the materials where horrible.if anyone can do this please add a full inside to it with all the rooms and texture

heres what it looks like

Thank you

You do know that the inside of the Hawk is another completely different map, right?

And that it would almost be totally out of proportion?

I know. that because Kotor failed at the time. like 1 % of gm_flatgrass would be the largest space in kotor to walk in befor a dif map

You’re horrible at forming thoughts into written language.

As for your request, you should really consider re-posting this into the maps area. The interior of the Ebon Hawk would need to be a map (unless you had a really insane modeler, and even then it would probably be improbable.)

It has nothing to do with the game technology at the time versus now, it has more to do with the fact that it really needs to be a map to have an interior (not that it is impossible to have a full scale freighter with the interior and appropriate clip boxes, just not worth it at all).

This isent grand theft auto buddy. all i ask is this simply. explain this. why couldent kotor be one big map instead of loading in difrent areas then?your horrible at Seeing stuff.

What? Damn it, I was so sure…

Ladies and gentlemen (or really gentlemen and gentlemen since there are no women on the internet) I give you this map

That has both a Millennium Falcon and Ebon Hawk that can be fully accessed inside and with plenty of room to run around elsewhere. Source maps are surely bigger than a Jedi Academy map, so this can obviously be done.

It was about 6 years ago.

i think it would be quite difficult to do because the sip itself is huge but if someone just designes it but mabby not include all the rooms, if they have a main section like the central half of the ship the engine room, loading bay, command bridge / driver seat, and a cargo room ? i think that might be possable ? considdering the prop will not be that large if some rooms / compartments have been removed . . mind you i dont develop stuff for gmod so i could not realy say that for deffenit, i design websites and manage server side CMS’s but i think this is an interesting project that would be great for someone with a wild imagination . .