[ECGamers.com] Semi-serious Roleplay #1

[ECGamers.com] is proud to announce a new server to add to there list, of their most popular TTT servers.

[ECGamers.com] Semi-serious Roleplay #1:

We are happy with the server and growth the number of players for such a new RP server has been amazing but we are in need, as the growth of the server surpassed first thoughts there is a demand for some admins.

So if you enjoy the server and meet the requirements for admin (http://ecgamers.com/showthread.php?4-Admin-Application-Requirements-and-Form) then please help us out and apply for admin. (we do not sell admin to anyone)

Become a part of a community with many upcoming servers, great admins across a number of modifications and play with the ECG team.

Thank you,