[ECGamers.com] Trouble in Terrorist Town servers.

This is the ECG TTT server list we currently have 4 servers running TTT gamemode all of which are considered by most one of the most popular TTT servers.

TTT#1: 24 slot server

TTT#2: 24 slot server|Haste mode|

TTT#3:16 slot server

TTT#4:18 slot server

So our newest server is TTT#4 and was literally created just the other day which we are testing out the fact that its an 18 slot server and hope that this will be enough spaces while keeping mic spam etc to a low.

On the servers we currently do not implement a “Buy Admin” feature and do not plan to do so at any point during the future.

We do however offer a VIP all information for VIP can be found here:

Please note although i did state we do not have a “buy admin” we will be giving to VIP a simple vote system features.

In each and every server at the moment we are not implementing any custom content keeping to what BKU develops and releases for the gameplay, This leaves the servers balanced for innocents and traitors alike unlike some other servers.

We have strict no hacking or racism policies and being caught doing either of these things will land you a perma ban and has been carried out on friends of ECG and even a past admin.

I would greatly appreciate feedback from users if they like our servers if they have any problems in the servers anything please feel free to post here.

Alternatively you can go and sign up to our forums at www.ecgamers.com & check out our latest bans at bans.ecgamers.net



I’ve played on these servers, they’re pretty good.

I hears yous boughts dem dang cheiftens shop.

Yes we did buy the mask shop from cheif and we are currently implementing it in as far as i remember ttt#1 and #3

They are good servers admins are a little ban happy though…

Well if you can’t follow some simple rules you deserve to be banned to be honest because whats hard about no random death matching no hacking no racism etc?

Nothing is hard about it and you will only be banned if you fail to play the game correctly and end up rdming everyone so i would not say we are ban happy but we are fast and strict when enforcing our rules.

I like these servers, good vanilla TTT. None of that extra stupid bullshit that ruins gameplay.

Great servers! I’m an admin on the TTT servers, if you see me on them gimme a shout!

I was banned for a day for ghosting just cause there was one of my clan mates in there…

Very ban happy server, a guy shot me so I killed him thinking he was the traitor and I got banned for ‘RDM DOOD.’

Kill an admin, Kicked by console “RDM”

Some admins are pretty abusive, bans/kicks without warning. Overall its a great server.

Great servers, by far the best TTT servers on Gmod.

Ehhh it’s ok. Talk to your admins, tell them not to ban people for killing them and forbid them from using ttt_print_traitors

ttt_print_traitors what is this? also i find it hard to believe that admins will ban after they are killed by someone but please if this does happen make a admin abuse thread on www.ecgamers.com

Lol 2 words. “RDM Fest”

go into traitor_state.lua and comment out the concommand.Add() with ttt_print_traitors as admins can console that and it will print the traitors into their chat. While you’re at it, you could also block ttt_print_adminreport as that can be used to find traitors. Its not really needed as theres a log at the end of the round anyway.

I would suggest switching from ULX to something like Evolve, because igniting people and slaying people used to be a big problem when I played a while ago.

Crack down on your RDM rules. On the server that I’m an admin on, we enforce that killing someone needs verbal evidence (gun fire counts) and RDM is to be dealt with one warning then a week ban or so.

Server is pretty decent. I don’t like a couple of admins… One of them uses the excuse “Kill me, And its a ban” Even though its blatantly obvious that they are the traitor.

I can Pay to have a VAC ban Pass, lol no.