EchelonSixteenRoleplay "ESRP"

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Are you using a base for this game mode or is it being done from scratch?

The entire gamemode is from scratch.

I have a full dev team and I am looking for more talented people to join the team. Active devs that see the game to the end will be rewarded. Also including exclusive access to the game before its released.

Jump in our teamspeak and Ill talk to anyone thats interested to be a part of the team.

I am looking for someone to join the team that enjoys modeling and making entities. I would also enjoy to have some concept artists on the team.

Sounds like a great mod! Would love to see some screenshots of what you have!

your website…
am i back in the 90s???

I think I remember reading about this a few weeks ago. You wanted it to be like Morrowind, I think?

Good luck with it anyway.

Is the map size limit going to be big enough?

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MyBB Is awesome.

Forums are broken

Forums are not broken, the background needs to be adjusted and the colors need to be organized better. I also need a better banner for the website. The names of the sections could be thought out better. Now look at all those suggestions I just made for myself.

Dont use phpbb

Why should I not use phpbb? Are you suggesting I just trust your opinion and switch to a different software that you haven’t even bothered to suggest?

There are better forum software’s out there. <-- That right there is a statement, not a suggestion or idea. You couldnt bother to name 1 software that you thought would be better.

Here’s a good example to make a suggestion

Is the map size limit going to be big enough? -nick_9_8

The way that I have designed the game-play with the map I plan on having will offer players a diverse way to play the game.

There are multiple cities within the map the player can travel to. Between being in the city you will also discover caves and other places to explore.

The grid in Hammer Editor offers me enough room to make a full designed world. I can create a “wilderness” section that is the size of the hammer grid. With the skybox being at a lower height than most maps I can utilize the rest of the grid to create multiple places for the player to travel to. Doing it that way would only have me create doors that teleport players to different parts of the map, for the player to travel between. Having multiple servers with “different” parts of the “world”, I can expand my ideas further. This is what I hope to be able to accomplish.

Edited to be less of a rant. /dev/ was somewhat right.

Im going to update the content information more tonight.

i hope you know that brush/entity limits might prevent you from making your dream map

Rolling a few off the top of my head: vBulliten, iPB. These both cost a fair amount of money, mind you.

ok so you just made yourself look like a total smartass and a dick
good luck getting help from facepunch.

jesus christ webdesign

Yeah for this map you plan on making. Entity limit is no longer an issue in gmod13. However brushs and the light maps are limited. You will hit limits. Imo make a couple of servers with 1 per territory.

Guys if you think my webdesign is shit please say what is making it shit. I dont know what to fix if you dont tell me what you think is wrong or missing.

The fact that it looks like a 90’s website.

Learn2webdesign or hire someone.

If your referring to the brown and black rows where the buttons sit, then I agree. They are completely horrid.

This looks very promising, avoid responding to general Facepunch hate.

Im starting to learn that fast pirate. Ill have the page updated soon.