Echo II Serious Roleplay, CiderTwo and Parasite Three

Echo II Serious CiderTwo and Parasite Three Roleplay.

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Echo II Roleplaying, CiderTwo and Parasite Three
[ul][li]-Since 08
[/li][li]No Elitism.
[/li][li]Friendly and experienced staff.
[/li][li]Strict Rules
[/li][li]Serious CiderTwo and Parasite Three
[/li][li]66 Slots total[/ul]



Parasite Background and time line.
The year is 2032 the world has been plunged into a nuclear abyss since the year 2013, you take the role of survivor scraping by finding, food and weapons. The gamemode IS based off of Metro 2033 but takes place in a different location, and a year before the events in moscow. The main gameplay takes place in Calgary Alberta. We will be switching to gm_apocolypse over the weekend.


CiderTwo Backstory
The year is 2010, it is the modern world in a small paradise called evocity, many people live in the city and lead normal lives, you can choose to do many things like, run a restaurant or a clothing store. Some people can be involved in petty crimes, or become ganglords, most gangs don’t last long before they fall apart, too many people die or are raided by police.

Welcome to evocity

Server Features

[ul]** Post Apocolyptic and modern day roleplay.
[li] Mysql Saving
[/li][li] Nexus Framework
[/li][li] Speedy Servers
[/li][li] A community willing to help out
[/li][li] Active Forums
[/li][li] Serious Roleplay
[/li][li] Friendly Playerbase
[/li][li] Advanced Gamemode
[/li][li] Injury when shot in the leg, you fall down.
[/li][li] ALL Role Play rules enforced.
-Injury RP
-Ass Pulling rule
-Retro Playing

Server Downloads.

Screen Shots, they don’t show much but better than nothing.

Server History
-08 Initial Start
-08 DarkRP
-08 Started to dislike DarkRP
-09 Experimented with different Scripts
-09 Started to use Kiwi, upon release
-09 Returened to DarkRP
-09 Small Down period of 2 months
-09 Started a new city 8 server
-10 neXus Released
-10 neXus 3 Released + CiderTwo Purchased
-10 Present day

People from evocity, they generally start simple business’ getting loans from the bank, or gangsters they may become a police officer or start to do petty crimes for money, tending to live passive lives in the city going on with their business.
Tunnel Monkeys
Living in the bunkers and scavenging the tunnels, this is the most passive and recommended position.
Remnant Military.
**These are the people who do the dirty work in the tunnels, they also have supplies ordered from other stations or airdropped, there is 17 C17’s remaining and 12 Fighter jets 30 helicopters, they usually go down due to weather, and because the ammo shortage leaves them suspicious.
Crazy bastards that believe in recolonizing the surface, they will kill any remnant military on sight.


[release]Nexus 3 Features/changelog

/ A new 'Overwatch' panel in the main menu which is only visible by admins. The Overwatch panel contains a variety of different SERVER-SIDE settings that
	you can change depending on your permissions.
/ The ability to change '/setconfig' variables from the Overwatch panel.
/ The ability to get a list of banned users, and unban them from the Overwatch panel.
/ The ability to mount/unmount mounts from the Overwatch panel.
/ Use replicated ConVars to do the mounting/unmounting of mounts.
/ A fixed Animated Legs mount.
/ A ton of fixed bugs and minor developer changes.
/ Better support for Garry's new 'killer' GMod patch.
# SVN for the Nexus framework, so you can get updates easier (not coming yet).
/ A new way to set the default MySQL information for your server, so you don't have to keep re-setting it in sv_config.lua if something changes.
/ Config parser can parse unlimited prefixes, like isShared isGlobal needsRestart bob = joe;
/ Changed a *a lot* of the command names, so F1->Directory->Commands.
/ The menus and stuff now use Garry's updated DFrame derma appearances.
/ The Overwatch panel is button-based like the directory, the Nexus.overwatch library
is used to add new pages to it where a callback is provided for formatting the
panel list.
/ The three basic starting hints have a reduced delay of only 30 seconds, but each one
fades in after the other fades out.
/ A fourth basic starting hint is displayed telling new-comers how to view the directory
to get basic information on how to play and use Nexus.
/ Pressing tab whilst typing a command will cycle through commands which contain the sample
that was typed.
/ Added the option to Kick and Ban from the Scoreboard menu.
/ Added a schema option to change the name of the Directory and the Overwatch.
/ Added Nexus.config.SetOverwatch and Nexus.config.GetOverwatch.
/ As you type a command a list of commands similiar to what you're typing (the top six) will appear
above the text entry box and the chat text's alpha will fade down temporarily.
/ A rounded box around the chat area while you're typing.
/ Pressing down on the text entry for the chat area will cycle -forward- through messages.
/ Changed Nexus.chatBox.AddWrappedText to Nexus.chatBox.WrappedText (please change this in the wiki, sorry).
/ An Overwatch panel which acts the same as the scoreboard menu, but simply shows Simple Game Base voting style
	buttons (and class-based categories or whatever) with the player's name on it where clicking it brings up
	the same menu as the scoreboard.
/ Change the way banning works by saving names too, but add a converter for Nexus 2.1 bans.
/ /MountLoad and /MountUnload.
/ Added better colors for the attributes menu and some info texts.
/ Added a nice gradient to the attribute bars.
/ Added gradients on basic backgrounds (NEXUS:DrawRoundedGradient).
/ Changed the character screen to be a bit more 'modern'.
/ Changed the tab menu to be a bit more 'modern'.
/ When a player's weapon is dropped, either directly or from the inventory
	their ammo (character.ammo) for that weapon is dropped with it.
/ Made the character mode


CiderTwo Info:
Click to connect!

Parasite Three Info:
Click to connect!

Stop by the forums too!


Pretty decent server. I don’t play much, but when I have been on its been fun.

This is an example of a good thread. Seems like a decent storyline for the “Parasite” theme, good luck.

Thanks, theres going to be a huge event tonight, all info in the OP.


holy shit

There’s a reason there are 2 download links in the OP.

A few items are not included, about 19 mb

2 day bump.

3000 files kinda makes nobody join who havent downloaded that stuff from the OP, servers will probbably be kinda empty becuse nobody wants to download it

Tbh I went on my dads comp to test speed, and it took 60 minutes to dl all 2000, also its 1*** files, I am also working on getting a fastdl.

You should buy a domain and website hosting, and maybe setup SMF or some forum like that. Nice advertisement, it looks nice and organized.

Once I get a box from donations I will rent out servers and host my own

If you are seriously going to have this much content on your server, at least give people a good alternative. I would recommend that you get your own SVN.

How much do you expect to make off of this :fuckyou:


I made enough to pay for cidertwo.



The other 7ish mb auto downloads, or if you have visited other nexus servers, you wil have them.


Crap I forgot we use the PMC pack, it will auto download but you may find a link here.

also TnB is horribly worse they have a 600mb compressed content pack.

also I get enough players regardless of the models can I have no one else complaining?

Post the new admins on the roster located here.

I joined his server yesterday, was on for a long time. It’s an amazing roleplay experience.

It was good enough to keep you on until 2am ;3

And then you got admin COUGH