Echo's from Chernobyl

This is a movie I made. It’s about soldiers going into Chernobyl and Echo five get’s attacked and battle ensues blah blah

#1 I don’t want to hear any “ZOMG DAS STALKER STYLE U FAGGETT DURHUUR”

I know.

#2 Comments good or bad are appreciated. Honest opinions please.

I thought this was pretty awesome.

looks cool and after playing s.t.a.l.k.e.r
i think its good.
very good use of sound and music btw.
but your going 2 need more/better maps cuz the sky box looked bad.
good camera angles keep it up i like it.

despite the fps, this is pretty good.

The presentation was great until about 2:00 and i didn’t like the script at all.

What map is that?

Ending was great man, really got me into it.

It had some cool editing effects, but it was VERY hard to watch what was going on. A lot of it was taken from that horrendous ‘goggle-vision’ thing. At one point, the character shot an enemy but you couldn’t see the enemy die because the vision was obstructed by the two goggle things. All in all, some great editing, some good dialog (ending was cool), but the framerate and cinematography really have to go.

Try using catmull more to your advantage, it had a great atmosphere and some good dialog however some of the actual camera shots (no first person crap) looked shoddy.

I’d give it a 3/5, just for the effort you put into it.