Eclipse and Blue Suns

Seeing that Mass Effect 2 is the coolest game this year and a lot of people are porting, I thought it would be worthwhile to rip some Mercenary models from ME2, particularly the Eclipse and Blue Suns (helmeted) grunts.

Blue Suns (lol small pic):

Go beat some ass.

Maybe you could do this suggestion or ask if the ones that are porting from ME2 will port this guys?

I mean, on the Mass Effect 2 models request thread.

I didn’t want to hijack anyone’s thread.

Well, the thread is about all the models of Mass Effect in general.
Maybe asking the OP to ask them?

I just suggest you this so we dont clutter the section with alot of request of the same type, but its your thread so I will shhh now.

The armor looks essentially the same, just different colors and symbols, so you could port one and skin the finished model to look like the other.

Thats the main reason I suggested the two, rather than, lets say Geth and Vorcha. Porting one and then reskinning it would be far easier.

Can you show me the females pic reference as well for them?

What about blood pack, no right? :smiley:

Believe me when I say that there are no images for Blood Pack on Google Images. I would’ve suggested them to complete the ME2 merc trio, but then I would have been stuck without reference images.

I’m also having a hard time finding female mercs, but Eclipse does have a lot of asari, which I’m sure use the same body:

If anyone has ME2 for the PC (Mine can’t run it. Besides, I needed to import from the first on my 360), some screens of Blood Pack and Female BS/Eclipse would be great.

Seeing that they share the same bodies as the humans, some Batarian and Asari mercs could be easily headhacked.

Edit: Moar Reference (?) :

Ahah Reference Pics Ahoy

Blue Suns:

And do you want those halo shield as well?

Only if its easy to do, as I detest making outrageous requests. While ragdolls would be neato, I think that it would also be cool if they could be rigged to Combine animations if people wanted NPCs or replacements. For once, I’m not too interested in replacements, seeing that there aren’t any games that they would really fit in with.