Eclipse sisters standing around being generic

If badass women can be generic that is

Not much editing involved, just some shading touches, rest was done ingame. Quite happy with the posing. :buddy:

The head on the one at the back looks too big.

Picture is okay… I guess it’s just a model show case really.

Got that right

Eclipse, Blue Suns all have such cool looking armour. Is that stuff for the public? :3

Fixing some issues and hoping to fix the rest of the civie heads first.
For the record both eclipse and blue suns skins are there.

Also you need to make a tut about making that omni tool :stuck_out_tongue:

That sounds awesome. Can’t wait!

I trust that you will do Eclipse and Blue Suns with tech armor? I would make love with you if you did.

I think that the tech armour is just an overlay over the medium one. Not sure though. Right now this is the only merc armour I’ve found (with textures)

Ah, okey.

The omni tool is a prop that comes in DT’s Fancy Pack, he doesnt edit it in :stuck_out_tongue:

The picture is pretty boring, I know that you are just showing off the model but do something more exciting.

It’s hard to make anything “more exciting” because I don’t know how to make cool stuff.

You could make a pose of them fighting someone hand to hand, you don’t need much editing for that kind of stuff.

See, my imagination has been gone for like decades. Thank you.

Dang I want those models so bad.
You’re a lucky man Haxxer.

Can you upload this models?