-ECLIPSE-Wiped 3/20/A.D/ActiveAdmins/NoDura/HalfCraft

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Hello, our server usually has 20-30 people on weekdays and can hit up to 60 on weekends, we are hoping to find more people!
Active Admins on almost all the time
No durability
Half Craft
Ddos Protection
Dedicated Server

(User was banned for this post ("again, stop making new threads for your server. Use the first one." - postal))

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I have been on this server for a couple of weeks now and it is amazing. Non-abusive staff and are very active. The only problem is is that there is hardly any players on. This server would be great if there was more players online. I live on the west coast and don’t lag one bit so you won’t have to worry about that either. Hope to see you on. ~GoldEverything
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great server, great admins, no abuse, haven’t notice any major hacker problems since admins are always on! just a good legit vanilla server with no durability!
lets get 100 players on this bamf! recently wiped!!!:rock:

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thereal_larry aka: larry

Thanks for all the positive reply’s!


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Great server. Very nice community of players. Admins are on most of the day to prevent hackers and also help new players. Great server for anyone, come and join!

Thanks man i appreciate it.