Economic Inflation Addon for DarkRP 2.2, 2.3.x

This addon makes DarkRP’s economy more realistic while people are waiting for SeriousRP.

With this addon installed on the server, every 10 minutes, prices are adjusted for inflation. That basically means it gets harder to DM. There are other side effects too. Install it and watch how it adjusts the economy as you play.

Have fun!

You ceize to amaze me yet again. Thanks a bunch

Imma suggest this to my fav RP server.

Prices increased by 33646.2% for inflation!

Sounds good on paper but wouldn’t this turn to shit if the admins all have insane amounts of money?

Im surprised if I dont see this tomorrow on my forum.

… This doesn’t work on custom shipments and or weapons.

You will, you will.

You have to add any custom shipments to the script yourself since by default it’s just compatible with vanilla DarkRP.

The multiplier value is the price you want divided by 500.

Admins should not have insane amounts of money. They should be there to keep tabs on the stability of the server, and RP like everyone else.

I needed this, considering the time it’s going to take for SeriousRP to be released.

Johnny, piece of advice: Remove the lines that cause the drug payouts and the moneyprinter payouts to rise with inflation. It caused havok on RKSzone lol!

ow god dont you think it´s hard enough right now? now we feel sad too in game because we dont have cash :C

This should reflect the real economy, I would use the “Sup dawg” meme here, but I dare not for a ban may be coming my way. So I’ll put it in normal terms, you would be able to experience a recession during a real recession experience.

Is this just for DarkRP?


Maybe turning down the inflation setting would be nice. It’s kinda like really high

The trick is to disable the drug and moneyprinter payout inflation. We got it kind of working on the RKSZone RP server in the end by doing that.

ok is there any simple way to decrease the inflation? i tried messing with some things

You may want to include a inflation ceiling or make it so admins are not included in the overall total. This way, you don’t have admins running around with Billions of dollars inflating the game to the point of being unplayable.

EDIT: I’ll edit the mod, if philxyz gives me permission to, and make it so there’s an adjustable inflation ceiling, for gameplay reasons.

hmm. Ya if you could do that that would be nice. maybe not a cealing but just a lot less. i mean i had 2 people in the server and the prices were crazy high