Economic Roleplay

Are you tired of all the failing economic systems of GMod’s roleplay gamemodes?
Are you one of those people who love playing Monopoly and financial board games?
Are you like me, interested in economics and demand real economic systems?

If you answered yes on the questions above, you would love Economic Roleplay.

Well, how would you create realistic economics in a roleplay gamemode then?

I would:

  • remove “automatic salary” from ALL jobs. Even the government jobs.
  • create a central bank which could set the taxes and all the economic factors, like for example interests.
  • create flags for “government” which admins could give to players, or the players could receive automatically when the reached a certain amount of played time.
  • create a democratic governent election system.
  • make the government able to control the central bank.
  • make the gamemode require scriptenforcer to be set on 1.
  • create a system which give new players a random amount of money. It would be a bit configurable by the government.
  • create a company system which gives players who have a certain amount of money access to start a joint-stock company.
  • create a stock system which would be the center of stock trading.
  • create a realistic bank system which would be administrated by the central bank.
  • create flags for different products, so people could buy these flags and then start buying shipments of the products to later sell the products and start a company of their own.
  • make the door prices flexible, so the prices would be set after how rich the local population are.
  • create a inventory for each player with much space. If the player would buy bags he/she could carry more items.
  • create police/paramedic/firefighter jobs which would be supported by taxes, fines, and bills.
  • create a apartment and house market system.

Medical items

Those items were just example items, it may contain more items.

Well, more ideas are welcome. :smile:

Now! To the problem.
I only know how to edit lua scripts and not how to create lua scripts of my own.

So I would need a team of lua scripters and modelers to create this gamemode. Or, anyone could just steal my idea, but I would like some credit.

For the lua coders and modelers, I would like to introduce my website which could be used for the development. And I have also got a steam group for the development.

I’m on a well-deserved vacation at the moment, but I will still be able to contact and work with.

Development Website:
Steam Group: True GMod
My Steam Name: bromma53

sounds too boring

Oh boy!

defenatly agree with you

You might find it boring, but that’s EXACTLY the kind of banking system that SeriousRP is going to have. I intend to start working on that part as soon as I’ve fixed the remaining bugs from the organizations code.

As it is a real economy, you will have to manage it properly. I’ll make it pretty easy to use, but if you don’t manage the economy properly, it WILL collapse.

Gurrazor: In fact, just go to - you’ll see most of what you wrote over there.

I’ve been building this on and off since 2007 but it WILL be completed. The code is on my PC at the moment rather than on google code. I’ll open up the mercurial repository once I’m happy for people to check out what I’ve been working on. At the moment, it’s not there because I need some time to make use of what I’ve written before people tear it to shreads and make copies like they did with DarkRP - I want a proper framework for “ripping off SeriousRP” in place before I make it available.

Ok, well that sounds really nice Ph:lxyz. :smile:
I guess my little project just broke though.

This idea/text can still be useful for future roleplay gamemodes. I hope it can useful. I’m pretty sure that it would create a stable economy.

Don’t abandon it - there are probably many differences also between our gamemodes - they involve a lot of work so they’re both bound to end up different.

The economy might not be stable in the hands of kids. I’m not sure yet whether to make the central bank admin-only. Probably I’ll just make it so whoever is in power can get a loan from them if the bond doesn’t sell in the open market within a certain period but then that’s not much fun - less regulation = more realistic XD

I always wanted to code my own serious roleplay and have. MY dreams died because it was just me. Not many people willing to team up for fun and the adventure. Also I need to note the person would have to have above average basic lua knowledge people who wanted to help me before keep asking questions… Your ideas are great. I might adopt them and start adding to my dead project roleplay. If that’s okay.

By the way my RP project was about 30% away from being done. No joke.

Carry on, there are many people with similar ideas. The communities can decide which script/s they go for in the end. Basically, don’t be discouraged if other people have similar ideas since maybe their gamemode won’t even be finished. I will finish mine but not for a while. I don’t mind if people use some of my ideas since it could be claimed they’re not that original anyway (even though I did come up with a lot of them in 2007 - fact is, I didn’t implement them then). If someone else does, and it’s good, then great!

Won’t work, here’s why: Supply and demand.

The only way an economy could possibly work is by adding something for people to invest on. In games like Eve Online, the economy is VERY carefully crafted and tied closely to the gameplay so that people mine, corporations process, and end users consume.

If you are unable to properly create such economical levels, the economy stagnates to the point that you can only keep it alive by constantly prodding and nodding. That, and the whole game becomes ridiculously easy for whoever’s providing guns, since that’s what everyone wants anyway.

You’ll need a better prototype if you want it to work out and still be RP.

We’ll see if it works out. I’ve already finished the resources (wood, metal, glass, plastic) - these get broken down by recycling props which are bought or reclaimed by banks, scrap dealers break them down and the raw assets are sold to the manufacturing groups. I have thought this through…

Aide, you are welcome to use all of my ideas and thoughts. I’m glad you’re interested. And please register on my website if you want to “not be so lonely during your project”. I can always help people out with serious ideas and constructive criticism. =D And if we are lucky, might some other lua coder would like to join us.