ECPD Officers Playermodel and NPC

Hello Facepunch,

My name is Tyler aka PERPGamer and I have an old addon but I have updated a lot since it was released. Along added new things the last few days which has change this addon completely.

This a Reskin of the NYPD NPCs and Playermodel
ECPD= Evoctiy Police Dept.
Ranks are based on:'s_Office

Comes with:
Gmod Leg Support
Face Posing
Prone Mod Support ( )

Map Used in the Pictures:

Things I will be doing someday soon:
Making a Bullet Proof Vest with POLICE on it

Reskin and making the hats work - Tyler(Me) - Original models
POSTAL2 - Original police hat model
Taggart - Original hat model

Looks pretty good except for the rank insignia you placed on the sleeve of the Lieutenant. Most Lieutenants don’t have an insignia on their sleeves rather they have the bars on either their collar or shoulders. It looks silly to have a vertical gold bar on his sleeve. You may want to try giving them a different shirt color since most departments have the administration in a differnt shirt color, usually white.

You can see an example of this in the image below on a NYPD Lieutenant.

Besides that these don’t look too bad.

looks really nice.
Good job.

I am planning on redoing the ranks anyways and making them LAPD ranks: but Yeah I will use your suggestion for sure :slight_smile:

That sounds awesome the LAPD insignias are a pretty good reference. I would also suggest you change the patch, the one used is pretty generic.

Looks really nice, would totally use if you would make female models please!