Ed Edd N' Eddy Peach Creek

Now, i know theres already an existing map of this, but its done in a cartoonish style similar to the show, what i had in mind is different, think the cul-de-sac and the surrounding area, but in a more realistic interpretation more as a run down ghetto development type area that’d have gang activity, also house interiors for the named/labelled houses if possible.

Why? Because reasons and i think it’d be neat besides those reasons.

Theres a map of the town from the wiki, if it helps:


Got knocked back a page but there is a mega thread (not sure if it’s worth posting it anymore though)


Fuck that, i dont have any money.

Even if you make this all possible, you still have to ask yourself these kind of question;

What game is this map specifically design for?

What is the core objective on this map.

Where will the players spawn.


Beside, this would probably take a skillful map designer at least few months to accomplish this, if not, half a year, just to make sure it’s cartoonish style as it would represent from the t.v. series.

(This includes custom models/textures, perfect map’s scale ratio, and architecture design.

I’d give it three months, aside from probably custom models from the trailer park (unless you wanted interiors). Though rp_apocalypse (? title) took eons…

But I haven’t seen the show in a long time…