Ed Edd n Eddy: The Mis-Edventures ragdolls

Can anyone make ragdolls of the characters from the game Ed Edd n Eddy: The Mis-Edventures, please? So far, I’ve seen plank and would like to see more if possible.

this may not happen,as there are multiple reasons why:
1.it is a cartoon,and an older one at that(adventure time isnt old and theirs barely shit going on with that)
2.people here dont do most requests anyway
3.custom models are hard enough to make

if i were you i would rename this thread,will pay foe ed edd n eddy models

You seem misinformed. There is a literal game called “Ed Edd n Eddy: The Mis-Edventures”, that has full 3D models of all the characters.

Also, just because “people don’t do requests”, doesn’t mean he cannot ask. No shame in that.

It IS a cartoon, so what?

We have ripped models from Gamecube games before, shouldn’t be that hard when someone decides to take up the request. I don’t own the game, so I cannot rip them.

…aww you seem to make me look liek a bigger douche than i am…

actually i did play that game before…

-_-ill blame it on my memory liek evrything else

I can hear Eddy saying, “The kids will pay big money to see us in Gmod!”

I think I remember someone trying this before, and they couldn’t rip the models because Midway has these weird files that Garry Mod cannot work with.

And thats why people convert them to the source engine.

i used to own the game but don’t now it was a badass game too

Is there anyone that has the game so the models can be ported?

It may be old but it is still a classic cartoon, and it is better then the shit that Cartoon Network has now.

Pretty much anything is better than what they have now, but this is one of CN’s trio of best shows. Which reminds me to looking if the have a Dexter and PPG game with 3D models to take…

I support this, I’d love to have some Eds.

well i would personally love to see heavy beating the fuck out of them them over a scammed sandvich

i still have this game somewhere…but if you look at the files,Im like,what the hell?

Now this would be something to consider undertaking… We already have a Peach Creek Gmod level, so why not have some ragdolls to go with it, too?

…There’s a Peach Creek level? Now that I’d love to have.

Well then look no further! Here is the link to the infamous map.


I’ve seen it, but it needs to be more animated.

I was expecting some type of cartoony textures applied to the map seeing how it’s from a cartoon like the Strongbad map. Thats a cartoon and the textures on that map are mainly cartoon based.

i saw this map on gamebanana…i was expecting it to be cartoony,but it looked like crap

Yeah, I have to admit that I was a little to swift with pasting the link before I soon realized that I should have mentioned about its quality. I mean it’s okay to play on, but it definitely needs plenty of more polishing editing. My sincere apologies on that one :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, and some of the buildings and locations from the show are too cramped together.