Ed Edd n Eddy's Mis Edventure {Interactive}

Your currently Eddy sleeping in

until your waken up by a annoying noise

so you look out your window

it’s Rolf that weird farm boy from down the block and he’s mowing your lawn Wtf

So what now?

No man cmon what are you doing.

Oh god.

No words…
Please Minimole, don’t rape my childhood, I hate being a teen enough already.

What the FUCK? lol Hello ed boy! Flashbacks!


why can’t you just stop

Just stop making comics.

You smash your head through the window and ask him why hes mowing your lawn.

Don’t encourage dammit! :bang:

Am I the ONLY ONE who wants to see this?

Oh god I am laughing so hard right now hahahahaha

Eddy goes back to sleep and the comic ends.

Please Minimole, please don’t rape my childhood.

Spoiler alert, it’s how this ends.


(I didn’t draw this, I have no idea who did :D)

Go fuck Nazz in the butt and rob the Jawbreaker store.


Oh fuck nevermind. I only wanted to laugh at it.

Did the show really end like this? Eddy leaves?

No the show ended with the movie.

Also please do no continue this comic it’s ruining my childhood.

alright i relized this was a big fail so :siren: stop posting and let this die :siren:

Wasn’t the thread title the name of a crappy multiplatform game?