Eden Project, looking for like minded members

I just started a steam group looking for Rust gamers, like myself, who think there needs to be a little more organization and ‘law’ on Rust island. I’d like to set up a short list of rules and standards that will keep Eden Players less morally corrupt and give whatever servers we are on most a little more organization. I will do this only if I can conjure enough members to make it a possibility. Some of the standards we would hold would be simple, and are listed below. In addition we would form into a town or community to help defend each other and trade. Also we would have quarterly votes on “mayor” of our community via the Steam group and any member would be able to attempt a repeal or amendment to our rules which would be voted on democratically. Below will be the starting laws if I can conjure any members. Private message me on steam via Burrd-man or look up Eden Project. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/TheEdenProject/
1-One can not commit murder of another Eden member. During air drops it can be difficult to tell who is a member, if you accidently kill a member during air drops you must pay them reparations agreed upon by both parties and mayor.
2-Raids nor theft are permitted against another Eden member.
3-Unless probable cause is given to believe the party is armed you may not shoot or swing first at a naked/unarmed newb.
4-Taxes for town expansion/armory to defend against raids will be negotiated and set. This will help keep everyone safe when not on the server. All members will be given armory and gate door codes.
5-No member, including active mayor, is to take any town resources for personal use.
6-No Hacking, ever. It takes away from the games enjoyment and makes you a horrible person… So yeah.
7-Any violation of any of the above rules will result in disciplinary action up to or including reparations or exile.

Screen caps, videos, or repeat testimonies of rule violations could result in the aforementioned discipline. A community vote will be held before any actions are taken, if there is not a majority standing on any law amendment or trial against a member the mayor will make the final decision.

Hope some are intrigued. If not, have fun in the chaos and lawlessness of Rust.