[EDFS] Fresh server, no structures, air drops (5 people online)

Hi guys! Endless Frontiers [EDFS] now got a Rust server!

It is an entirely new server so it has no strutures or developed people. You have the same chances to survive as anyone else.

Server slots: 50
Active admins (Playing on same terms as anyone else)
No cheating allowed - You will get banned if admins think you’re cheating
Air drops with only 5 people online ones/twice a day
Server ip: - Open console (F1) type (net.connect and hit enter.

RUST ++ installed!!

/starter - Gives you a sleeping bag, a stone hatchet and some bandages
/players - Shows the players that are online
/share [Playersname] - Shares your doors with your friends

Hope to see YOU online for some epic PEW!!

(User was banned for this post ("Wrong section" - Swebonny))