Edge of Tommorow model?

I like turtles


There you go. Much better quality and more variety.

Nope, I didnt ask for COD advance warfare models.

They’re pretty much the exact same thing, and they look better.

Im asking for models from edge of tomorrow I dont need your help if you just come to this thread with telling me or suggesting abooot that there are better models than this.

I don’t know if there is Edge of Tomorrow models out there. I think you’ll have to wait until the AW exos are out.

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Don’t be a douche because of that! Seriously, we’re providing you something that looks like what you wanted(and look even better) but you answer us with: “Oh that’s not what I wanted gna gna gna!” That’s all we could find. Deal with it.

Well doh ,that why I’m requesting.

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I’m sorry if you think it that way, but it’s logical if you dont get that than what you’ve requested right?
I dont want to get chicken on my plate but beef!!I dont care if chicken taste better.It is not what i’ve ordered. if you dont have beef then dont serve me.Ill just come on that different day where someone can finnaly serve me of that nice texture of beef. hmmm… beef…

Look up how people were able to export models from the Iron Man 3 android game, and see if the same procedure would work for this one.

Yeah, I found plenty of iron man 3 android models at some 3dmodel site.But I didnt found any tutorials in google or in this forum.

I wonder if it is done with hex2obj.I’m not experienced with that though.

No it’s not done with Hex2OBJ. At least I don’t think do. You download the .APK file, I believe you rename it to a ZIP, and extract the files. Been too long since I looked into it. You hope they are in a easy to read format for the models, most of the time they are not and sometimes you may get lucky and the Xentax Noesis program will open it. Some of the games either run on Unity or UE3. The models will be low poly/low resolution that’s for sure as they are a cell/tablet game. Took me a min to find the IM3 thread here http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1259583

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I seem to recall that someone also told me the Exo suits in Edge of Tomorrow look a lot like the suits in Stalker which people have ripped the models from, try to take a look at that as well.

Hmm… Nope.






thanks man. hmm could you also do the mimics? (and alphas if they are also in the game)

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I actualy tried this before but sadly noesis wont recognized these files that are in it.

Wow Hacker_UTD that was pretty quick.

On the model of Tom Cruise Is it possible to have a different texture, having no dirt in the face ?

Just clean up the texture file.

How can I do that ?

Convert the DDS, open in Photoshop (wasn’t sure if PS can open DDS files) or your favorite image editing software, clean the face part of the texture and either resave back as a DDS file or keep as a TGA/PNG

I do not have this software. I only have photofiltre and xnview.

You can easily get a copy of Photoshop from Adobe’s website. They still have Photoshop CS2 available for free on their site, so I’d suggest at least grabbing that to get yourself started.