Edit a map and keep the texture ?


I would like to edit some garry’s mod maps (using Hammer), but some of them got some texture that i don’t have, so when i compile these maps, i have a lot of black/purple textures.

Is it possible to edit and save a map, keeping the existant texture into the map without having these texture in my computer ?

If it’s possible, can you explain or give me a tutorial !

thx !


I believe the only ways to do this is to:
A: Before you recompile, redo the textures.
B: Request the source file from the developer. It might be a bit harder to do if the map uses custom textures.

use bspsource http://www.ata4.info/bspsrc/downloads.html , other tab, extract embedded files

packbsp https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Packbsp , to re-add textures

its working, thx.