Edit crosshair in DarkRP?

Hello, it’s been a while since I’ve been here but I have an urgent problem. Everytime I go to a DARKRP server other than my own, when I use a CSS-styled weapon it shows the custom crosshair for the gun. I manually disable my HL2 crosshair via console but that’s only for the default crosshair. Which means it only effects default hl2 guns and the phys-gun. Is there a way I can disable/disappear the custom DARKRP crosshair everytime I join a server? Does anyone know how to take it out through LUA or editing out a certain script in a file? Much appreciated if you folks could help me out.

Can anyone please help me out?

Hummmm, download/create a custom crosshair and modify the lua code to draw the new crosshair at ScrH/2, ScrW/2?

I tried but it doesn’t work since those custom crosshairs are only attributed to the default HL2 crosshair. I want to remove the DARKRP crosshair which is only exclusive for that particular gamemode but I don’t know where it is in the LUA files. I was wondering if anyone could help me manually remove the LUA command or whatever it is that makes the crosshair appear on my screen when using a CSS weapon in DarkRP.

its in cl_hud in darkrp/gamemode somewhere, idk what line

There’s no files in the gamemode folder, just Gamemode.txt.

OHH, its on your client. the crosshair would have to be changed on the server.

so there’s no way to remove the crosshair clientside?

nope as far as I know.