Edit Loadout in Sandbox

I’m not sure if I asked this before. If I did, it was months ago and the answers I received didn’t help. I’d look for the thread, but with searching disabled, that’d be a hell of a time sifting through the forums. Likewise if this has already been answered, I probably won’t be able to find it.

Basically, I’m trying to replace my current loadout (crowbar, gravity gun, phys gun, pistol, revolver, smg1, AR2, shotgun, crossbow, RPG, Camera, toolgun - the default HL2 weapons and Gmod items), to remove unused items (aka: most the HL2 weapons), and replace them with a more favorable loadout of addon weapons and/or CSS weaponry.

The problem being, if I recall, was that when I edited a certain file as recommended, it’d automatically revert once I launched Garrysmod. I can’t remember which file it was either. :confused:

Any helps would be fantabulous.

Edit: I found the original thread. Turns out it was in Lau. :confused:
Apparently I asked here and was told to go there, and got little/no help.
I guess I’ll rez that thread rather than make a new one there >.<

umm, do you want it-- here

Goto: garrysmod\gamemodes\sandbox\gamemode
Open: init.lua

Edit Lines: 74-(~)114

I would, but

  1. In this most recent install of gmod (this morning’s), the only thing in my garrysmod/gamemodes folder is a completely empty “Gamemodes.txt”
  2. In my previous installation, there WAS no garrysmod\gamemodes\sandbox\gamemode\init.lua
  3. Previous attempts at this immediately reverted the moment I launched Garrys Mod.

Open .gcf and look in it. GMod loads alot of things from garrysmod.gcf . garrysmod.gcf is located at steam/steamapps and you need GCFScape to open it.

Then once you have extracted what you need, place it in the correct folders and edit that Lua file accordingly.

Just tried that.
Extracting and placing the files into the directory causes them to be ignored in favor the “garrysmod content.cfg”, while edits to the contents of the *.cfg file itself are automatically reverted.