Edit me

i was wondering if anybody with really good photoshop talents could edit these pics



You need to boost up the anti-aliasing and some face posing would have been good.

Doesn’t this belong into the Edit-My-Screenshot thread?

The graphics, DOF, and camera angle are horrible. Needs faceposing but the pose itself is alright

Man, wouldn’t it be convenient if there was a great big thread, just for people who have pictures that they would like edite- **OH WAIT.**

Your right, I wish… [thread=874454]Oh hey my wish came true![/thread]

to bad madcows swep bas broke my faceposing tool so icant use it

Uninstall madcows then

how imean i deleted teh files in the garrysmod folder is that how cuz it still dosent work


sorry idont got an amzing gadillion dollar graphics card and my faceposer dont work

Verify game cache.


Post your specs.

You can just turn it up right before taking the screenshot.

how the hell do you verify a game cache?? i mean i go to cache in gmod and all it has is dua folder and a database file

A-are you serious?


Steam games>right click Gmod>properties>local files>Verify integrity of game cache.

Ok, let this thread die.

please im tired of it


yea still did that and faceposer dosent work :frowning: