Edit Models

Hi, so i currently am trying to edit a model in halflife to look like my friend for his birthday.

I was thinking

  1. Take halflife2 civilian
  2. Somehow edit skin ?
  3. Maybe edit his face ?
  4. Overwrite original

How easy can i do this?

Would love the person who could answere with the programs i need for just those 4 actions.
I have been googeling but the answers and programs are always diffirent each time.

Im a technical student and do design sometimes, and coding so im not that new. But give me an easy program if you can <3

I know there are other threads like this one, but i did not really find my answer so hopefully someone else can profit from this thread too :slight_smile:

Look into hexing models for source engine games

I know there is a version of Autodesk intended for source. (Wiki page Here)

There also is a list of other programs if you don’t want to use Autodesk Here

In my limited understanding, editing pre-existing models should be fairly easy. If you are a total beginner editing models is what I would recommend to start on. If you are fairly familiar on modeling it should be a easier since you have some experience.