Edit my male7 render

PSD: http://www.mediafire.com/?ehraj7nn44kxcuw


psd is in bigger res!

made a render for u, feel free to edit it!

It’s really low res and badly cut out, and the pose looks really awkward.

Why do you want it editing, what do you expect people to do with this?

screenshot is low res, psd is bigger!

dunno, im searching ideas for upcoming comic, so i think people could pose it in somewhere, so i could catch up!

Try to use some paths and featering next time. Still a render is maybe usefull if you want to make a sig. Not much for what peopel o here.

Those pants look weird.

ok thanks for recomendations :slight_smile:

can u tell me one more thing?
how people add inner light at people?


like this?


really? no photoshop edit, just lamps?

That’s a texture shader called $rimlight and 99% of the time it looks like shit. Do NOT use it.

I’m popular.

That was during the infamous phong crash.

Also, that’s my picture. :smile:

Now that’s what I call art. People should take notes from this.