Edit of the youtube player.

I’m 99% sure its really possible and easy to do but I couldn’t figure it out(I know jack all about lua so :frown:)

If someone could change this to accept files from http links and place them in a JW flash player I’d be quite happy about it.

Here is the player

And this is the system I want, I don’t think its that hard to implant and if youtube can be done this should be a peice of cake right :buddy:

That plays flash compatible movies and video files, I can host the player if needed I ahve http server space.

It depends on how the jw flv player works.

I’d love to do it.

Thanks for the enthusiasm :dance:

If I understand correctly the youtube player just displays a webpage or in this case the youtube player with a script to set it up with the right video ID. What I dont understand is how it has the video sync for everyone.
The other thing Im wondering is if it would be feasible to have the volume control on the player controlled by how far away the player is or by a wiremod value. That would be so rad it’s not even describable in human vocals.

If you could try to show me how it works as well I’d really appreciate it.

It doesn’t have the video in sync for everyone, it’s just that the server sends a message to every client to start the video. If one client have a slow connection they might stay behind.

For this to work you’d need to be able to input the url of the media file in the url.

The Youtube player uses the embeded code supplied by the Youtube link. So, if the Youtube video does not want users to have the embeded code…the video will not work. If that helps at all.

I already made one like this so I can play full-length movies. I’ll write a flash file and make an addon where you can embed any flv on the internet :slight_smile:

You should add sound radius as well, when will you post this little jewel?

Here is an embed code for the JW player, it looks similar to the youtube code.

src='link to the JW player that must be stored on a server'
flashvars='file=URL of mp3, image, or other flash compatible media file here'

Apparantly you can even put a youtube videos URL and it will play it.

Awesome, looks like it’d work. Could you host it now so I can get working?

Thanks a bunch, youll find them here

Here is the URL for the mediaplayer



Here are a few media files you can use to test as well


Could you host this part on your server? I don’t think I can make it work without that.


oh wait…

Great progress! Almost done, just need to resize some stuff. Might make a billboard version too (the one seen in wiremod)




dose this have raddius?

I think you’ve made a winner here :dance:

I think Ive figured out an easy way to add radius, you can add &volume=0-100 to the media URL.
Is it possible to automatically have it add &volume=0 if the player is X units away.

That billboard idea sounds great as well, Id love a theater-sized screen so several people can watch

You’d need to reset the page. So the video will just start over again. everytime someone moves. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know, but I mean just at the beginning of each new media file. So if someone is too far away from it when it starts they won’t her it.

We’re having problem with the player. Some DNS problem. Sometimes it loads, and sometimes it doesn’t.

A dirty fix: Add tgcujo.dabananabunch.com

to %systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

Hmm might just be my server, would changing any file permissions help?

Also do you think having a version with no screen or a much much smaller one would reduce lag for just playing mp3s?

It says "DISCLAIMER: By downloading this file, YOU accept that YOU may NOT edit (without my consent), or re-upload the file anywhere, with any method. "

Wouldn’t want to break any rules.