Edit operator privileges darkrp

How do you change the privileges on darkRP for an operator? i need it so he can use he’s toolgun on people’s props.
any help?

Try changing to ULX or Evolve. They’re better than FAdmin, and let you set it easily using their XGUI.

You haft to have ULX and Ulib. Im sure you already know that.

Sidenote: Make sure your in superadmin or higher. You can not be Admin to perform this.

  1. Go to the Groups tab. If you dont have it then I dont know.
  2. Select group operator.
  3. Then click at the bottom right hand corner. Manage Permissions. Then your set. ALSO! Do !menu to do all this before you perform all this. I would be talking non sense if I didnt say that before. Sorry LOL!