Edit .PHY files

I am currently trying to edit the .PHY files on some models, but I cannot load them into 3ds. Does anyone know of a plugin that can import them?

i think the .phy is texted based https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/PHY

I already read that entry, I still need to know how to import it into 3ds and edit it, or at least edit it with a 3d frontend.

did a google search and found http://docs.autodesk.com/3DSMAX/15/ENU/3ds-Max-Help/index.html?url=files/GUID-7222ED85-0055-4E9C-A8F3-CA302CF245B7.htm,topicNumber=d30e315828 this might help

You can’t import and edit valve .phy files, you must decompile the model, and then import the .smd for the physics mesh using .smd importer.

Then edit it, the export to .smd and compile the model.

This is for models I made, I have the base smd files. I told studiocompiler to use reference smd for collisions, but it always warps a mesh around the main model that provides crappy collisions.

You need to specify the $concave option in your QC file, otherwise studiomdl will generate a single convex hull. $concave lets you create a collision model that consists of multiple convex parts (in 3ds Max, these are represented by elements within a single object). See also: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Collision_mesh

In most cases, you’ll want to use a separate SMD for the collision model, containing a simplified version of the reference model.

You shouldn’t be using the reference mesh to begin with. $concave isn’t needed if the model is a ragdoll or if the model has multiple hulls that are convex.

If the model is a prop then the model can often be made from a single hull (though multiple hulls are applicable) which should be a very cheap, low poly envelope of the model. If the model is an animated prop with multiple bones that need their own hulls or if the model is a playermodel with a ragdoll then you should use $collisionjoints instead of $collisionmodel.

Here’s an example of a ragdoll’s collision mesh.

Just about everything is a low poly cylinder excluding the head which is more spherical and the hands / feet which are blocky. Fingers and toes don’t have their own hulls and are instead covered by the hand and feet hulls.

Ragdolls or other collision models that have multiple bones should have only a single bone assigned to the hull. In other words, the cylinder on the forearm moves with the forearm only. No blend weights should be used on collision hulls. The smoothing groups on such a ragdoll can all be the same, I just made it look nicer so it was easier to see for the screenshot.

I do not use qc files, I use studiocompiler.

While I appreciate the help on that, I do not make neither ragdolls nor moving pieces, this is purely for static models, I lack the skills to edit anything with more than basic animations.

While I understand that a simplified smd is better, I cannot simplify the meshes right now. I will try the concave option, hopefully that will fix it.

Also what ragdoll is that? I think I saw that character before but I cannot quite put my finger on it.

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It is not working. Models are still being wrapped in a mesh.

Concave only works if the mesh has seperate elements for each part. If you have an element that’s concave by itself, it will keep warping.
Also are you using collisionjoints or collisionmodel? As a last bit, I recommend you ditch studiocompiler and try to look at the QC file by yourself. It helps to have at least some understanding.

I already looked at the qc files, to make sure it had concave on. Using collisionmodel.
Also, no way I am ditching studiocompiler, it is way too useful.