Edit to zombies.

I actually just found out that the zombies, particularly the ones that run fast, arent slowed down by hills the way that we are. If there is some way of making them affected by terrain in a similar way to players, I think that it would be a better game for it.

Just my two cents.

Zombies are placeholders for the moment and probably won’t be in the final game.

That being said, mobs in general shouldn’t be able to do that, so that definitely needs to be sorted out eventually.

However, keep in mind that the game’s in alpha. “Balance” doesn’t really exist yet, because they’re worried about more important things, like getting the engine to do everything they want it to do and fix all the big bugs (like crashing, losing the database and requiring a rollback/backup, etc.).

I agree. I wonder what the zombies will become in future updates?

I’m pretty sure that everyone knows that the game is in alpha. Keep in mind that this was a request, not a complaint.

I’m surprised that no one has complained yet about animals hitting you while your not on the ground floor of a building

I dont think that zombies are entirely bad thing for rust, when its post apocalyptic game, but everything said here is true, performance and inner problems are more important + its alpha.

I’d imagine there are quite a few of us that played EverQuest here, so we are use to MOBS hitting us from stories below or above us while we can’t see or hit them. :smile:

I know, seriously. People need to STOP saying for people to “quit complaining” and that this game is in “pre-alpha”. I think it would be hard to find a person that did not know this game is pre-alpha, I am sure there is a handful. But, the majority of these people that are “complaining” have legitimate suggestions and concerns about the game and are voicing these, as they should, on the forums for game design choices, and hopefully reporting bugs to the proper place. I don’t see how anything a person has to say about this game (almost anything) should be disregarded as, yes, it IS in pre-alpha and feedback is required to make a polished product.