Edit values in an Array outside class

Edit: Sorry for posting in Lua section.

Hello! As the title says I’m struggling around with an array.

Basically I’m trying to make a tetris and I started off by making the board. (A multi dimensional array)

And I was just testing my method that would end the game if any block reached the last part of the array, and I didn’t get it working.

I manage to edit the array fine, with the new values etc. But I don’t manage to make the changes get outside it´s class. So the method doesn’t fulfil it´s function.

Here is the class where I store the array:

    class Setup
        public const int BoardWith = 10;
        public const int BoardHeight = 10;

        public int[,] BoardData = new int[BoardHeight, BoardWith];
        public int Empty = 0; 
        public int Full = 1;

Here is the class that should edit the arrays value (in this case all values to 1)

    class TheEmptyBoard
        public void CreateBoard(int BoardX, int BoardY)
            Setup B = new Setup();
            for (int i = 0; i < BoardY; i++)
                for (int j = 0; j < BoardX; j++)
                    B.BoardData[i, j] = B.Full;

Here is the Main():

    class Program
        static void Main()
            Tetris.Board.TheEmptyBoard B = new Tetris.Board.TheEmptyBoard();
            Setup S = new Setup();

            B.CreateBoard(10, 10);
            Console.WriteLine("Something is wrong since it the value is {0} and not 1", S.BoardData[1, 1]);

Any help with the “B.BoardData[i, j] = B.Full;” and how I could make it change the real array would be very well appreciated!

Thanks on advance!

Snip it. This is lua section, not c++. Take this to the programming section.

Isn’t this C# actually?

You can post in the programming forum. Someone will be able to help you there.