Editable panels

Hey, I’m working on a gamemode and as a part of it I created custom panels in vgui.
Later, I wanted to use DTextEntry, but i can’t - the wiki says you can only use it when one of the parents is an “Editable Panel” (Dafuq is that?).
How do I make my own panels editable?


Probably means THIS

no… Anyway - tried to deriving it from EditablePanels (like DFrames) and it didnt work…

show us your code

which one? Frame or DTextEntry?

Well for a DTextEntry to work it needs to be focused… I will assume that Garry called it ‘editable’ for convenience.

Also, you should show both parts of your code, errors can be misleading sometimes.

The panel code is long, which part should i post? And the frame that uses it is:
local dte = vgui.Create(“DTextEntry”, THECUSTOMFRAME)

SetSize doesn’t exist for DTextEntry I would advise you to look at the wiki if you have any derma problems.
You would use:
local dte = vgui.Create(“DTextEntry”, THECUSTOMFRAME)

For future reference TextEntry uses SetSize.

thanks - but it did work and it didnt error…
Also, the wiki shows SetSize…

The wiki shows SetSize for TextEntry not “D” for derma TextEntry.