Edited a video for rust [30 Seconds]

I’ve had so much hype for this game that I thought it would be cool to have some fun and make a simple small edit of Rust. Taken pieces from big YouTuber’s videos, video edited by me.

Please let me know what you think

Programs used:
Sony Vegas 10
Adobe After Effects cs6

EDIT - I want you guys to know I tried to keep it very simple. No big effects in there on purpose. Simple sound readjustment, compositing, and pan/crop. With color correction.
I only used footage from YouTube videos as I don’t own the game myself, so sorry about different gamma/brightness/contrast on each clip.

Not bad. Not bad at all. You got some great editing skills, eye for detail and a feel for videography. 10/10

Great edit, great soundtrack :slight_smile:

Got an Artistic from me, that’s really good editing!
Love the way the sounds come along, like when he says “Oh god there’s a guy” and the laugh at the end.

Pretty good, I liked it.

Look’s great! Nice editing man.

good work! looks very nice

Damm man i love it :smiley:

LoL looks nice :smiley:

Check your youtube messages

Incoming key shower. :downs:

Wow the is so awesome dude and the editing was good 10/10 p.s can you make letsplays of rust

Very nice

a tear left my eye ;~;

He doesn’t actually have the game :slight_smile:
Although he definitely deserves it :slight_smile:

Would rather someone like this get the game then these new pay-to-win shitass golds that have been popping up everywhere.

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(If I get another key, I’ll send it your way!)

holy shit that was amazing

too bad i don’t have a key. But i watched most of the videos you had sound from.

Nice buddy, why anybody would rate it as dumb I dont know.

Very nice video man.

This deserves guy deserves a key.