Edited AR2

It was kinda hard to decide where this thread would be put, (newbie questions, (lua) requests, or model/skins)

So i tried to think where, this seemed where it would go, if not please move it (<== thread)

Anyway, to the point.

Was playing “CSS Sci Fi 3” and noticed some new lua weapons, (looked like hl2 weapons, but with different skins.)

and it looked cool, so i was hoping;

If someone could make a skin for the ar2, and make an addon that has a custom swep, with ar2 model (but with skin) (and without it replacing the textures on the ar2 you spawn with) but with different settings.
Ill edit the settings later.

I do not know lua, or making skins, but i guess this could be something for me to look at and learn lua. I promise if this was made (or if someone helped me make) i would try and learn from it. recently i have looked at some lua sweps to learn. I know a bit, but yee.

But i do know that most skins are made with adobe photoshop right? or something else.

Sorry i have taken so long, but the skin i would want is some color, across the weapon like a war painting.

Prefered color is, blue, yellow, red (not all on it, just whatever looks good.)

No one wants to spend a lot of time on a dinky request, so if anyone would want to make this, you don’t have to spend a lot of time on it, just something i would like to learn from.

And to ensure i do learn something, i would appreciate it if i knew what programs we’re involved, and how it was made.
(I would one day like to learn how to do this myself)

(Oh sorry if i didn’t make it clear, this is all for gmod :p) (oh wait, dur ar2 is in gmod :P)

Keepin’ it real: :eng101:

What you’re requesting:
[li]Another AR2 separate from the current hard-coded AR2 in Garry’s Mod
[li]Has standard AR2 model
[/li][li]Has DIFFERENT skin, without replacing standard AR2 skin for the hard-coded AR2
[/li][li]Has custom features/functionality

How I can help point you in the right direction/help others help you:
[ul][li]The SWEP Bases Project (SVN or .zip) was designed for scripters of all different experience levels to create their own modified HL2 weapons, or use the HL2 weapons as a base for their own SWEPs.
[li]You’ll need this for a “cloned” AR2, and it will allow you to tweak the weapon
[/li][li]Here, you can assign it a cloned model, with a different skin
[li]FPSBanana - Half-Life 2 Skin Section
[li]You’ll need an AR2 model with a different skin, this is where you can pick and choose as you please, go grocery shopping for your new gun look
[li]Hex the model a new name, so it doesn’t overwrite the original AR2. Name it the AR1/AR3 for all I care, this part is basically point out, YOU NEED A NEW NAME FOR THE MODEL. Don’t worry about the name choice, it’s not important, we just need to be able to switch out the defined model within the weapon you derive from swep_ar2.

I might have missed something, but this is the gist, at least.

Thank you very much for commenting, very useful.

May i point at that i do not know the term “hex” means? (really newbish of me to say)

awhile ago i believed it meant taking guns or weapons from another game and making it for gmod (and i don’t mean like making your own models (etc) )

I looked at fps banana, it appears the skins are for hl2,
would they work correctly if placed in gmod folders?

downloaded this skin; http://www.fpsbanana.com/skins/47550

edit (again? lol): ugh its seemingly very confusing, and not knowing exactly -wtf- im doing; ill probably screw something up badly.