Edited/Custom player model skeleton

I’m currently working on Beavis and Butthead player models, and I wanted to know if it’s possible to reposition Valve.Biped bones to fit a smaller player model size. I have no experience in Lua, and I would like to shrink the models I’m working on to be correctly proportional with the default HL2 player models without adding any scripts; if I simply resize the models now, they won’t correctly fit the Valve.Biped skeleton.

If I can’t modify the Valve.Biped bones to work the way I want them, would it be possible to create a custom rig and custom animations that do fit my models (and actually still function as playermodels)?

Animations are responsible for controlling where bones should be at specific frames. Even if the bones are scaled down, they’re forced into these locations which means that scaling the biped will result in bones being yanked back into the required locations. Unless you can just use lua anyway, you’d need to recompile all of the animations to fit the new sizes and/or proportions you want to use.

If I were to rescale and recompile all the animations to fit different proportions, would they have overwrite the default G-Mod player animations to work?

I thought the player models work by using a single set of animation files stored somewhere, but do they do this because the engine automatically uses these files for player models or because the model’s QC specifies that they should use these files? Thanks for the help by the way.

In Source, animations tend to be located in different files. The QC locates the file with $includemodel to list what animation file is used. The purpose of this is to allow animations to easily be shared without needing to constantly recompile every model whenever animations are updated. This also means you have have different types of animation files (male, female, combine, etc) which [also, also means] you can create your own set without overwriting the current gmod animations.

I still wouldn’t reccomend doing this. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • There’s about 1,000 animations more or less. You have all kinds of gestures, postures, movement types (and directions), holdtypes taunts, and so on. Are you sure you want to redo every last one of those?
  • Including a lua file or simply ignoring this can mean you’re done in far less than a day versus maybe over a month.
  • If you take the lua file route, players can easily scrap it for deathmatch gamemodes in which the smaller scale may present an unfair advantage.